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Groceries2Go has a great selection of store cupboard foods from old school favourites to office essentials. Our range of items includes lots of well-known brands such as Bachelor’s, John West, Uncle Ben’s, Sharwood’s, Heinz and many more. Whether you are a café or restaurant that wants to buy in bulk or just a busy parent looking to stock up on the kid’s favourite’s, we have all of the store cupboard essentials that you’ll need.

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  • 10 x Alpen Fruit & Nut 5 Cereal Bars

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  • 100x Lichfields Caramelised Biscuits

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  • 12 x Belvita Milk Cereals Twin Pack (24 B...

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  • Hartley's Blackcurrant Sugar Free Jelly 23g

    12 x Hartley’s Blackcurrant Sugar Fr...

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  • Hartley's Raspberry Sugar Free Jelly 23g

    12 x Hartley’s Raspberry Sugar Free ...

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  • Chocolate Blancmange

    12 x Pearce Duff’s Chocolate Blancma...

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  • strawberry blancmange pudding - 12 pack - 35g

    12 x Pearce Duff’s Strawberry Blancm...

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  • Pearce Duff's Vanilla Blancmange 35g (Pack of 12)

    12 x Pearce Duff’s Vanilla Blancmang...

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  • Lotus Crunchy Spread - Pack of 2

    2 x 380g Lotus Biscoff Crunchy Spread

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  • 2 x 400g Lotus Biscoff Spread

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  • 200x Lichfields Caramelised Biscuits

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  • Mayflower Extra Hot Curry Sauce Mix x 2

    2x Mayflower Chinese Curry Sauce Extra Hot...

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  • Allinsons Yeast Sachets

    3 Packs (6x7g) Allinsons Yeast Easy Bake S...

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  • 3 x Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2...

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  • 3x Blossom Soft Kitchen Towel 8 Rolls

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  • 4x Batchelors Super Rice Golden Vegetable ...

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  • 4x Diablo Sugar Free Peanut & Choc Co...

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  • 50 x Lichfields Caramelised Biscuits

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  • quick soak peas

    6 x 250g Batchelors Quick Soak Dried Peas ...

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  • 6 x Homepride Classic Curry Cooking Sauce...

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  • 6x Frank Cooper’s Oxford Marmalade 454g

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  • 6x John West Lunch To Go Italian Style Tun...

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  • Westlers Burgers

    6x Westlers 4 Burgers in Onion Gravy 425g

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  • 7x Maretti Bruschette Garlic Chips 70g

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