Groceries2Go has a fantastic range of household items. Gone are the days where you had to shop around for your household essentials, we have a large selection of products and great deals, all in one place. We have stocked up on all of your favourite brands including Cif, Dylon, Flash, Plenty, Colony and many more. Our household range has all of your everyday essentials so shopping at Groveries2go is a breeze.

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  • 1 Unicorn Scented Candle (3 VARIATIONS )

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  • 1001 Carpet Machine Solution 500ml –...

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  • 100x Banquet Recycled White Tie Handle Bin...

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  • 10x Chupa Chups Lime & Lemon Tealights

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  • 10x Chupa Chups Strawberry & Cream Te...

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  • 10x Chupa Chups Strawberry Tealights

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  • 10x ZIG ZAG SLIM Filter Tips 150

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  • 12 x Oven Pride Erase Away Stain Remover Pads

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  • 12x Chupa Chup Strawberry Wax Melts

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  • 200x Caterers Kitchen Freezer Bags 255 x 3...

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  • 2x Swizzels Love Hearts Strawberry Wax Mel...

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  • 2x ZIG ZAG Ultra Slim Filter Tips 450

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  • 3 x Airwick Electrical First Day of Spring...

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  • 3x Airwick Diffuser Refills Linen & L...

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  • 3x Blossom Soft Kitchen Towel 8 Rolls

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  • 3x Colony Mediterranean Orange 3 Candles

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  • 3x Lenor Tumble Dryer 34 Sheets

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  • 4x Dr Beckmann in-Wash Stain Remover 3x 40g

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  • 50 x Tea Light Candles 8hr Long Burning

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  • 5x Prices Household Candles 5 hours Burnin...

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  • 6 x Dr Magic Snatch A Dye 20 Sheet Pack

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  • 6x Airwick Blackberry Spice Candles 105g

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  • 6x Dr Beckmann Stain Devils Ballpoint Ink ...

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  • 6x Johnson’s 10 Brillo Pads

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