Whether it’s ketchup on a burger fresh off the barbecue on a hot summer day or a squirt of caramel sauce on top of whipped cream to add a little something extra to your indulgent hot chocolate, topping sauces come in all shapes, sizes and flavours!

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes from across the internet that help you use all your favourite sauces and rest assured, they are Parcel Pete approved!

Parcel Pete’s favourite Nutella recipe

Nutella is one of those toppings that is versatile but always hits the spot no matter what it’s in or on. Whether it’s on toast as part of an indulgent breakfast, inside a Ferrero Rocher for a little sweet treat or coating some strawberries, everyone loves Nutella.

However, not all recipes are made equal and one of the ways our team loves to eat Nutella is as a mousse.

Don’t think a mousse can be as good as a chocolate cake covered in everyone’s favourite hazelnut spread? Try the recipe linked below for yourself and we’re sure you’ll agree with Parcel Pete that this is the way to enjoy Nutella.

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Click here to get the full Nutella mousse recipe by Lost In Food.

Lotus Biscoff

It’s not difficult to see why Lotus Biscoff Spread is one of the nation’s favourite toppings. It’s also one of our top sellers too!

People all over the world are continually coming up with new creations using one of the UK’s favourite topping sauces, but did you know that that hasn’t always been the case.

Today people enjoy Biscoff in many ways. Parcel Pete in particular loves using Biscoff spread as a dip for apple slices, on to of his morning waffles with a fruit and ice cream or even blended into a milkshake.

Give him a pot of Biscoff and he’ll create something amazing.

However, a team favourite is traditional homemade chocolate cookies drizzled with melted Lotus Biscoff spread.

Here’s our favourite cookie recipe, just melt your spread and away you go! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Click here for our favourite cookie recipe by Baking Mad

Mr. Really Good ice cream topping sauces

Walking on the beach ice cream in hand and the sound of the waves lapping the shoreline is what summer is all about, but there is one thing that could make that scene perfect. A squirt of sauce on your ice cream!

Whether you’re an ice cream van driver looking to bring smiles to the faces of children and adults across the country or you want to create epic ice cream at home, you need Mr Really Good sauce.

Parcel Pete loves all the classic sauces, which is why we stock chocolate, raspberry, bubblegum and strawberry sauces by Mr Really Good.

We especially love to top our banana split with the chocolate sauce! But there really is nothing quite like drizzling some Mr Really good all over traditional vanilla soft-serve in a wafer cone.

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Last up in our whistle-stop tour of some of our favourite topping sauces and spread are The Skinny Food Co sauces. Delicious sauces with minimal calories!

You’ve created fluffy discs of pancake perfection, you’ve got your blueberries ready to decorate the perfect hangover cure, but have you got that perfect companion to smother across your breakfast Forget Lyle & Tate, Skinny Golden Syrup is where the real party is at.

Sweet, sticky, sumptuous and ridiculously good with pancakes, we like to think of Skinny Food Co’s Golden Syrup as the comfort blanket after a crazy night out; the condiment that lets you know that you will be back to your best. Just pour it on to your pancakes and let the good times roll.

If pancakes aren’t your thing, then fear not, this syrup also goes well with yoghurt, fruit and more, without adding a single calorie to your meal.

Plenty more topping sauces and spreads to choose from!

These are just some of the sauces we have in stock. We have a whole lot more topping sauces and spreads for you to choose from. Just click here!

Are you ready to take your desserts to new heights?

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