Now more than ever it’s essential that we support those in need, particularly those who live in our local community, which is why Groceries2Go have pledged our ongoing support to West Cheshire Foodbank.

We have already made our first donation and we will be continuing to donate £100 worth of products each month to help those in need.

Giving back to our local community is something that is very close to our heart as a business and we appreciate the support that local people give us as an organisation.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with West Cheshire Foodbank, you can learn more about the invaluable work they do below.

West Cheshire Foobank

West Cheshire Foodbank lives by the principle that no one in the community should have to face going hungry. Something Groceries2Go firmly support.

The foodbank is part of a wider national network of food banks that provide nutritionally balanced emergency food to local people who are in need.

West Cheshire Foodbank is a charity in their own right and so it is essential they receive funding and support from the local community and beyond, to ensure that their work can continue and that they can support everyone who may need their help.

Having opened in 2012, West Cheshire Foodbank has seen an increase in those needing to utilise their help over recent years making it more important than ever before that they receive the support they need to help vulnerable members of our local community. Between April-September 2020 alone the foodbank issued 5,471 emergency food parcels within West Cheshire, supporting 2,271 children as a result.

How can you help West Cheshire Foodbank?

We are committed to supporting this amazing organisation, however, you can play your part too.

If you’d like to support West Cheshire Foodbank you can learn more about how you can help by clicking here.

Food banks work closely with frontline professionals such as local agencies like children’s centres, housing associations, advice charities, and mental health teams within local communities across the UK, who are best placed to assess need.

If you need to use a food bank these organisations will support you every step of the way, and they will give you a food bank voucher and refer you to your local food bank. They will tell you where your nearest food bank is when they give you your food bank voucher, however, you can check where your nearest foodbank is at any time clicking here.

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