By now – whether on a part-time or full-time basis – most of us have returned to the workplace. Naturally, many of us got so used to the ease of work-from-home life that being back in the workplace has been, somewhat, a slight disruption to our system. While we are re-adjusting, one thing that a lot of us are experiencing is a lower level of energy.

To get our energy levels back to what they once were, it’s important that we eat well during the working day. So, we’ve put together a list of great and nutritious lunch ideas for you to try, and help you get back into that familiar routine:

Spanish Tortilla

To make Spanish tortilla is as easy as 1, 2, 3… Or should we say…onions, potatoes, eggs. Yes, that’s right – just 3 key ingredients! To make it perfect, though, it is imperative that you have salt, pepper and a generous amount of good quality extra virgin olive oil to hand.

What’s grate about this dish is that you can have it hot or cold, making it perfect for a works lunch; especially if you don’t have access to a microwave. Accompany it with your favourite protein and veg, and you have yourself a healthy and hearty, well-balanced lunch. We would suggest using sardines to make it extra-nutritious and 100% Spanish.

Jamie Oliver has a fantastic recipe for this Spanish classic, with simple instructions.

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Creamy Sausage Pasta

Dried pasta and tinned tomatoes are two practical ingredients that every household must have for those times a quick lunch-fix is needed. What’s more, it’s very hard to go wrong with pasta when it comes to lunchtime; it’s hearty, filling and so comforting!

This gorgeous Creamy Sausage Pasta dish uses both of these household staples, and is as good for lunch as it is dinner. We have selected this particular recipe for its one-pot easiness – as well as its consistent success with fellow followers of this recipe. Best of all, this dish can be enjoyed hot or cold –  though we love it heated up for an extra lovely and cosy lunch during those slightly chillier afternoons we are all much too familiar with.

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Potato Salad

Potato salad is a dish that is as versatile as the main ingredient itself. Creamy, substantial and full of flavour, this popular dish makes for a rewarding and filling lunch.

So long as you have some creamy mayonnaise and some bright, punchy mustard, you’re going to have the perfect base for you potato salad. Then, it is truly up to you what flavours and textures you throw in. But if you want to cut out the thinking time, Jo Cooks’ Classic Potato Salad recipe encompasses all of the ingredients that we feel make the perfect potato salad.

Best served cold, potato salad can be enjoyed alongside your favourite fish, meat or veg. For an extra flavoursome kick, why not substitute the mayonnaise for garlic mayonnaise? For a lighter version, try Skinny Food Co’s Garlic Mayo.

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Noodle Salad with Peanut Sesame Dressing

If you need a bit of extra zing adding into your week and spring adding into your step, this Noodle Salad with Peanut Sesame Dressing will bring just those. Creamy peanut butter, tangy lime and crunchy vegetables – what’s a more enticing and exciting lunch than one that is full of texture, colour and flavour?

For those who prefer noodles with a bit more bite, you’ll want to use medium egg noodles. Otherwise, fine egg noodles work perfectly for an extra-light lunch. And for the ultimate wholesome meal, we recommend this smooth peanut butter by Whole Earth.

This noodle salad makes for a beautiful and balanced vegetarian lunch, and is delicious hot or cold. Just add your favourite meat to protein it up.

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Roasted Vegetables

We have saved the easiest recipe until last. Afterall, what’s easier than rough-chopping a load of veg, giving it a quick toss in oil and salt & pepper, and just bunging it into the oven to stunningly roast? You can use whatever vegetable you like – just follow this simple Roasted Vegetable recipe for the cooking process. And for additional flavour, why not add some dried oregano, fajita seasoning or tikka masala curry powder? Otherwise, check out our full range of herbs, spices and seasonings here.

For an extra-filing lunch, be sure to incorporate stodgy roots into your vegetable medley, like regular or sweet potato. Alternatively, throw your roasted vegetables on top of some plain rice, couscous or bulgur wheat, and you have yourself an ample and nourishing lunch.

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Happy lunching! Which recipe will you try first?

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