If you are a Virgo, we know that you appreciate cleanliness (and may very well enjoy the process itself). Tie that together with the fact that Summer has ended and that we’re fairly into the Autumn season, a good clean is very likely on the agenda. So, we thought it best to give you a list of some of our top cleaning products so you can finally make that Summer-Autumn transition, the sparkling clean way!

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner

All is said in the name. It’s a cream cleaner that truly works miracles! The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner is a versatile product that every household needs. It is a mild abrasive that works through tough stains on hard surfaces, to leave its users with a sheeny, shiny finish – whether that would be your kitchen backsplash, your bathroom shower head or that BBQ you were meaning to clean and put away until Springtime. It is also excellent used on your patio to give it that brand new look and feel. When we say versatile, we really mean cleans-ya-tiles and then some!

Astonish Wood Floor Cleaner

Keep your home fresh for fall with Astonish Wood Floor Cleaner in divine Jasmine & Wild Berry scent. The unique formula works to add a protective layer on the selected surface, which repels dirt and makes it easy to clean again and again. While this is called a Wood Floor Cleaner, you can in fact use this on sealed wooden furniture, laminate, ceramic tiles, vinyl and linoleum. Astonishing! Plus, the floral and musky notes of the jasmine, tied in with the sweet crisp notes of the wild berry makes this product the perfect Summer-Autumn scent.

Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker

Have you noticed that when you shower (or even wash your hands in the sink) that the water just isn’t quite going down fast enough? This is where Buster comes in to save the day (and your facilities!). Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker works to dissolve the stuff that clogs up your plugholes and pipes – from hairs to oils & fats and dirt – so you can enjoy the luxury of water that flows freely and cleanly.

Johnson Duck Active Clean Marine Blocks

Keeping to the bathroom theme, Duck Active Clean Marine rimblocks is a product that is far from bog-standard, and is the perfect finishing touch that every bathroom and WC needs after a deep clean. With every flush, you can expect a burst of fresh aromas – as well as clean, foamy bubbles. Ducking brilliant! Simply attach the active cleaning blocks to your toilet rim for long-lasting freshness.

Stardrops Leather Clean and Feed

When cleaning around, we often focus too much on the obvious – hygiene and squeaky cleanliness. But many of us forget to consider the life and longevity of what we are cleaning. Stardrops Leather Clean and Feed is one product that considers all three! Designed to penetrate dirt and grime on any leather surface, this product works to remove marks and stains from the natural material, all the while feeding and nourishing the leather – offering protection from cracking and prevents the leather from drying out. It sure is a star household product!

Clean Pro+ Antibacterial Cleaner & Disinfectant Spray

There is no easier way to disinfect all of your hard surfaces than using Clean Pro+ Antibacterial Cleaner & Disinfectant spray. This fast-acting, multi-use disinfectant works to kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 30 seconds. So, whether it’s your floor tiles, your kitchen worktop or your children’s toys, you can be assured that these are safe and not riddled with nasty germs. Now who’s the clean pro?

Don’t forget…

When dealing with these fantastic cleaning products, it is important to note that these formulas contain abrasives and chemicals that work to tackle the germs, dirt and grime. So, make sure you are well protected to prevent any skin irritations. We recommend Marigold Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves for premium protection of your hands. These gloves are triple-layered for durability, a mix of latex and cotton for comfort and easy mobility, and offer excellent grip – important for when dealing with anything fragile or chemical-based.

You can shop our full range of cleaning products here. Happy cleaning!

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