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Women's Toiletries

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  • Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 6 x 150ml
    Unpleasant odour of the sweat especially in the underarms areas does not let the others come near to you and you also feels embarrassed in the circle. To manage the perspiration and feel the best even when you have sweat get the anti-Perspiration deodorant to fight against the body odor. Groceries2G..
  • Impulse Tease Red Fruits & Woods Body Fragrance 6 x 75ml
    Everyone loves different kinds of fragrances around and so having a great alluring for perfumes and deos that give the sense of freshness and cleanliness too. Whether boys or girls both want to experience this feeling. In summers it is most required, because due to sweat our body starts releasing ba..
  • Sure Women Cotton Ultra Dry 48h Anti-Perspirant Roll-On 6 x 50ml
    Summer is the season that gives you the sense of non cleanliness always, you feel low and lazy every time. The problem of sweat also causes a discomfort to the body with foul odour. The bad odour from your body is completely not acceptable to specially girls and women. So to avoid such thing they us..

It is a time to revive the natural beauty and bring back that glow that can even lighten up the room. Beauty is not only about just make up, but it is a lovely smile and glowing skin to reach the height of beauty.

To obtain that beauty and glow grab the marvellous collection of the beauty ranges.  To obtain the long lasting protection against sweat you can go for Sure Women Cool Blue Fast Drying 48h Anti-Perspirant Roll-On which has 0% alcohol and offers effective protection when you need it which is also gentle on underarms.

Dove go fresh cool Cucumber and green tea APA offers an effective protection all day long with 1/4 moisturising cream. By inviting Dove to your bathroom collection ranges make your skin feel free from dryness. The ingredients of cucumber and green tea leave underarms soft and beautifully fresh all day long.

Along with Dove, Impulse tease red fruits and woods body fragrance lets you enjoy the smell of red fruits and wood available in a jar of 75 ml in a pack of 6. The scent of deodorant loves up to its name, teases, plays and does flirting with you. Spray it anywhere and it will whisper “Romance me”.

So, to feel great and fresh, treat yourself with exclusive women’s toiletries and health ranges designed especially for you.

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