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Flavoured Water

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At the end of the day when you are back from the busy schedule, sipping plain tap water may seem to be quite dull and boring, especially if you rarely consume any juice or soda. Here comes flavoured water ranges offering an interesting tasty experience of water in a different manner.

Mountain Mist, a brand of flavoured drink and beverages introduces flavour spring water having an essence of real fruits in them. Each bottle of flavoured water is available in 250 ml.

Mountain Mist brings all new drink ranges to refresh mind and body with fruity flavours in them.

Mountain Mist comes in 3 other fruity flavours - peach, lemon and lime, cranberry and raspberry. It claims to be rich in minerals and has no alcoholic constituents. and other fruity flavours having the refreshing taste.

Volvic Touch of fruit is another fruity range for those who do not compromise with the taste. Volvic Touch of fruit is made with Volvic natural mineral water and has fruity flavours which make it an ideal drink to enjoy any time and anywhere. Each bottle of Volvic Touch contains 750 ml drink and is available in a pack of 6.

Volvic Touch of fruit comes in 4 flavours- lemon and lime, lemon, berry and orchard apple.

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