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Vitamins & Personnel Care

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Healthy choices mean a healthy lifestyle; and with a selection of hundreds of quality tested vitamin, minerals and supplements it is easy to get well and stay fit. Leading a healthy life is no more a challenge with the brands like Pure Acai Berry, African Mango which are all the highly effective health supplements.

For the sports person who are more exposed to the muscle pain and strain can have PowerPlast Blister Plasters which are latex free to minimise the allergic reactions and are also waterproof, durable and breathable. The ventilated strip of the plaster allow the sweat and moisture to evaporate promoting faster healing. Each pack of Powerplast blister plasters have 30 plasters.

Along with the Powerplast blister plasters, you may also go for the compression wrap ankle or fabric dressing strip, elbow support medium, calf support medium, fabric plasters and much more.

Apart from this, also look out for African Mango extreme high strength weight loss supplements available in a pack containing 60 capsules. The product has the constituents of green tea which helps to reduce blood sugar level. So, reduce those extra fats accumulated in your body and feel light-weighted in a month after consuming African Mango capsules.

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