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Tinned Vegetables

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Consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables is good for health having the nutritional elements in it. And now the same nutrition has come in a canned jar. With plenty of benefits stored in the canned vegetables, the leading food companies are introducing canned vegetable ranges for you.

Napolina, a brand of delicious appetizers introduced the delighted Napolina five bean salad with sweet corn, vinegar and spices already contained in it. A great meal to fight against hunger and is a source of nutrition for good health. A perfect diet to loose extra pounds.

Heinz brings an irresistible taste of the baked beans with deliciously rich tomato sauce. A box of Heinz beanz contains the goodness of fibre and is also fat free. It is a gluten free food which is a delicious option for a healthy lifestyle.

Best things come in a packet. Heinz beanz fridge pack is another range that has blend of five different beans with richness of tomato. Tastes great with chicken and casserole dishes.

Napolina brings the heart of Italian cooking that is tomato in a jar of Napolina chopped tomatoes prepared with the best quality of ripened tomato under the Italian sun.

Other leading brands of canned vegetable are: Blue Dragon, Batchelors, Cirio, Fontinella, Pride etc.   

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