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Salt, Pepper & Vinegar

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Vinegar, a citric liquid is one of the versatile and economical products of the food cupboard. Right from cooking to cleaning stuffs, it is a popular product you will find easily in any home. The leading brands like Lichfield and Rioba are introducing the individual sachets for your food cupboard.

Lichfield introduces Lichfields Malt Vinegar having salt, barley and malt extracts and also the constituents of gluten. A single portion individual sachet of Lichfields Malt Vinegar contains 5 grams approximately.
Enjoy the same taste of vinegar with a pinch of salt and pepper which come together in a single pack. A pack contains 50 individual sachets which are easy to tear and use. This enhances the taste buds and flavour to the dishes.

From the home of Rioba, get the taste of peppers available in an individual sachet of 2 grams in a pack of 250 pouches. Such individual portions make it easy to carry and store the ingredients without losing the quality.

Rioba also introduces individual salt sachets in a pack of 250 sachets. All these sachets are easy to carry, handle and use without losing the quality and fragrances.

You may also get them in a pack of 2000 sachets or more.   
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