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Looking for healthy recipes without adding fat to it? Herbs and spices sparks up the food and also wake up the taste buds. Cooking with them enhances the flavour of the food without adding calories. Also, add aromas to the recipe you prepare. But they work best only when added in the right proportion.

Chef larder Basil brings an exotic aroma of Basil to overwhelm your dish and add a milder flavour to the food to compliment it. A small pinch of Basil taste delicious when used in marinades.

Chef larder also come up with another range to enhance the aroma of your savoury. Chef Larder mixed spice tastes perfect in sweet dishes and is an ideal choice for mince pies and hot cross buns. Taste more delicious when served with ice cream or custard.

Flava-it chinese marinade available in a pack of 45 grams is a ultimate choice to marinade the favourite meat within 10 minutes. Contains no artificial flavour and is also free from preservatives and sweeteners.  

Schwartz Chef Garlic Puree delivers a distinct and natural flavour to the recipes. Made with the finely crushed garlic cloves, releases the sweet pungent bite.

Other spicy herb brand ranges for your culinary needs include Schwartz, KTC, Flava-it, SFC , Natco and much more.

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