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Premium Soft Drinks

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Summers have knocked the doors and it is a time to get fruity. This is a time to enjoy the refreshing taste of real fruits and beat the heat. Smoothies and real squeezed fruit juices complement the season perfectly with their delicious taste.

Frobishers pressed fruit juices deliver a hit of real fruit with selected blend of natural ingredients in it. The drinks contain no preservatives to offer the true taste of fruits as nature intended.

Bottle green sparkling pomegranate and elderflower brings an exotic fusion of east and west altogether packed in a single bottle. From family gatherings to the birthday celebrations this is a perfectly delectable non-alcoholic drink for you and your guests. The taste gets more stronger when a splash of Vodka is mixed to the drink.

Fentiman beverage is another old beverage brand, the drinks of which contain goodness of finest natural ingredients. Try out a taste of Fentiman’s traditional Dandelion & Burdock from the home of Fentiman, which has the infusion of dandelion leaves and burdock root.

The ingredients of the drink include: Carbonated Water, Fermented Ginger Root Extract (water, glucose syrup, ginger root, yeast), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Pear Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavourings, Caramel (E150d), Herbal Infusions (Dandelion root, Burdock root); all of which create unmistakable taste and aroma.

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