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Chocolates and toffees are the fantasy of every individual, every individual irrespective of his age likes toffees and chocolates and loves sharing it with the guests also to their place. If you are also among them to have great love for chocolate, jellies and toffees, then their are various brands which provide wide range of these items.

Lion, Tuckshop, Sweet Dreams, Skittles, Uncle Joe’s etc are some of the famous brands which have wide and different ranges of these toffee, chocolates and jellies.

Lion provides Fruit Pastilles Retro Jelly Sweets. These are Sugar encrusted fruit flavoured, fruit shaped sweets, which are delicious to eat. These jellies are made by natural colours and flavours which comes in the package of 2 kg sweets.

Milk Chocolate Brazil are also delicious chocolate from the famous brand Tuck Shop. It is a 2.75 kg bag which contains milk chocolate covered Brazil nuts, which contains no artificial colours.

Sweet Dreams provides Toffee Crumbles Traditional Sweets Jar, which contains Toffee Crumble, Chocolate Flavour Confectionery made with real milk chocolate, caramel, biscuit and coated with cocoa powder. It comes in a 3kg original jar which is easily recyclable.

Lion also provides Midget Gems Retro Jelly Sweets, which contains no artificial colour and flavour and comes in a pack of 3 kg.   

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