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Cockroaches in homes are the reasons for the diseases as they are commonly found near the waste deposits. Get rid of them with the application of various gels and anti-rodents and protect your family members from the disease.

The home makers may apply Raid ant killer kills the insects on a single spray. A jar of Raid contains ant killer powder and weighs 250 grams. It is one of the best products to kill the insects. From the safety point of view keep it away from the reach of children.

Raid ant and cockroach killer another range from the home of Raid kill the bugs and cockroaches with a single spray. A jar is available in pack of 6 each contains 300 ml. With a single spray, the insects and cockroaches die in minutes and have a long lasting effect for up to 4 weeks. A great product for those who find it hard to get rid of ants and cockroaches.

For the fast and effective control on the flies, wasps and mosquitoes Big D fly killer works well and is also quite effective. Spray it in the indoors and make sure that you do not inhale it as it is an aerosol spray and may directly enter into your lungs harming you.

Other available leading anti roaches are Rentokil advanced rat traps, rat killer, ant & insect killer, Raid fly and wasp killer and much more.

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