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Staying organised in the big events and maintaining the cleanliness becomes easy with the napkins. Grab the napkins in various colours and designs and use them to wipe the face and fingers in the events or major occasions.

Duni brings a collection of personalised fine quality of napkins for your business and home. This is one of the first thing which your guests need at the dining table. Finest ranges of Duni napkins come in various packages. You can choose among the ample of ranges like cocktail napkins, luncheon napkins, dinner napkins and much more.

Duni Airlaid 60 Bordeaux Napkins is another range of napkins being introduced by the company which is available in 40x40 cm. A pack of Duni Airlaid has 60 napkins per pack.  Restaurant, caterers and event planners place an order for them.

Chef Larder also fulfils the catering needs with the wide ranges of napkins in multiple colours and in various sizes too. Chef's Larder 125 3 Ply Red Napkins 40cm Square has 125 napkins in each pack of 40 cm square. It is available in red, yellow, green, white and in other colours too.   

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