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  • Natco Almonds 1 x 400gm
    Natco Almonds 1 x 400gm An excellent source of Vitamin E Used in Asian dishes,sweets,fruit cakes,biscuits Can be roasted or salted to make a tasty snack ..
  • Natco Ground Almonds 1 x 907gm
    Natco Ground Almonds 1 x 907gm An excellent source of Vitamin E Used in Asian dishes,sweets,fruit cakes,biscuits Can be roasted or salted to make a tasty snack ..
  • Natco Nuts Pistachio - 1kg
    Pistachios are delicious tree nuts recognized for their wholesome nutritions. They are the important source of energy, in addition they are also rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid and an excellent source of antioxidants. Natco is a good brand which provides enriched pistachio nuts...
  • Natco Pistachio Nuts 1 x 300gm
    If you are health conscious and looking for the best beverages that is full of all basic nutrients and vitamins then Natco Pistachio Nuts stands on your expectations. Pistachios are tiny, but pack with all essential & powerful nutritions. These small nuts are high in demand among the customers a..
  • Natco Salted Cashews 1 x 250gm
    Cashews are basically used to be served as a dry fruit item when some guest visits your place. Also these are used in various items to give a special taste to that food item. Now salted cashews are also available which are used as snacks. These are really tasty to eat and at the same time good for o..
  • Planters Roasted Salted Cashews 12 x 40g
    Free From All Kinds Of Trans Fat & Cholesterol Best Source Of Vitamins Minerals And Carbohydrate No Added Preservatives Colours And Flavours   ..
Groceries2Go understands your health better and therefore brings you the finest quality of nuts from the leading brands. With an approach to healthy lifestyle, we bring nature’s touch at your doorstep; wrapped with the essentials needed for a happy and healthy life.

Groceries2Go is a one stop shop for delighted and delectable dry fruits and nuts, luxury fruit and nut mix, Hazelnuts, Pistachio and other healthy nuts for you and your loved ones.
Groceries2Go is collaborated with the brands like Natco, Guinness, Planters and Ziena which are the brand name of the quality nuts and seeds of the fruits and dried cranberries.
Nuts are consumed not just for the taste, but are considered the healthy snack for the complete family. And Groceries2Go is a renowned supplier of the nuts brings you a delightful way to add nutrition and crunch of the dry fruits to your diet.

Groceries2Go personally select the finest range of nuts to share with their consumers. Now add protein to your oatmeal by mixing a handful of almonds and they are also the perfect choice to offer as a gift to someone at any occasion available instantly at online store.

After you click on Quick View on any item like you want to buy walnuts online, you will be directed to the procedure to add the items in your cart and after placing an order and making the online payment, you will get the delivery of the product within 24 hours at your doorstep.
We believe in bringing happiness and good health to our customers with the core values we follow.    
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