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Snacks are considered to be a good time pass. You can have them any time, like while studying, while playing indoor games, you can also serve snacks when guests visits your place. Snacks are light and does not affect your health.

Belffles provides Premium Belgian Waffles, which are tempting and tasty snack which nobody can resist from eating. The crisp and sugary texture of these waffles is created by mixing pearl sugar with the dough which caramelises on the outside of the waffle when baked, which gives a unique flavour and taste sensation. They are delicious hot or cold and are excellent for breakfast, dessert or snacks. They are made from authentic Belgian recipes, which are made by using the latest blending and baking technology. One exciting quality of this Waffles are that they are available in several choices, which includes authentic recipe, chocolate dipped, cinnamon, butter, traditional brussels square waffles - and more.

These Waffles are available in several retail outlets across the UK. And to keep them fresh, they are individually wrapped. They contain no artificial colour or preservatives and are best suited for vegetarians also.

They should be stored in cool and dry place for better quality and should be used within 3 months.   

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