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  • Bubbalicious Strawberry Splash x18 Packs (Full Outer)
    Soft,, cool and juicy strawberry flavoured chewing gums Contains sugar,, corn syrup,, aspartame and BHT Free from fat and sodium,, has low carbohydrate content ..
  • Chupa Chups Bubbly Bubble Gum Sweet Cotton & Bubble Gum Tutti Frutti 12 x 11g
    Chupa Chups Bubbly Bubble Gum Sweet Cotton & Bubble Gum Tutti Frutti 12 x 11g Chewy, soft tutti frutti flavoured chewing gum Contains glucose syrup, sugar, gum base, flavourings, colour( E 120) and antioxidant( E 320) Free from gelatin, artificial colours and flavours ..
  • Fishermans Friend x10 Packs
    Extra strong sugar free,, menthol flavoured lozenges,, provide extra soothing cough relief Contains no artificial colours,, flavours or preservatives. Clears cough and nasal congestion immediately after consuming   ..
  • Fishermans Friend x2 Packs
    Fishermans Friend x2 Packs Traditional menthol eucalyptus lozenges, ideal for sore threats Major ingredients include sugar, menthol, Eucalyptus oil, capsicum tincture and tragacanth Useful for people suffering from respiratory problems ..
  • Fishermans Friend x5 Packs
    Extra strong,, menthol flavoured cough suppressant lozenges Brings temporary relief from minor throat and bronchial irritation Free from all types of artificial flavours & ingredients ..
  • Hubba Bubba Snapy Strawberry Tape - 12's
    Hubba Bubba Snapy Strawberry Tape - 12's Soft,chunky and bubbly strawberry flavoured chewing gums Sweetened using sugar along with artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and acesulfame k Bubble gum tape enables kids to bite as well as chew ..
  • Wrigley Juicy Fruit - 14 x 7 stick
    Wrigley Juicy Fruit - 14 x 7 stick Sweet,sugary chewing gums with a fruity tang Has a good,cohesive texture and cracks easily in the mouth Ingredients include corn syrup,dextrose,sugar and synthetic gum base Is available in normal and sugar free versions ..

There are ample of reasons for you to chew the gum; it tastes great, freshen up the breath and is simply a fun while improving the oral care.

Treat your mouth with the flavoured gums and experience a bite of “Crazy Candy Factory Bubble Rubblez Strawberry Fruit Flavour Bubble Gum Nuggets” which comes in a jar of 60 grams. It is the best retro candy which is a party favour and you may even distribute as give away prizes too.

Wrigley’s juicy fruit renders you a juicy flavour and also satisfies your cravings for something sweet. Enjoy the taste of the chewy comes in 10 pack sticks and 5 pack sticks.

The mint gum lovers surely love the Uncle Joe’s mint ball ranges which are available in a pack of 98 grams to a bumper pack of 800 grams cookie jar.

Fisherman’s friend flavoured ranges comes in original, aniseed and mint with menthol and eucalyptus flavour lozenges. The ranges have no added sugar and each pack contains 25 grams. Blackcurrant has become a favourite flavour of everyone.

The other chewy range which you can enjoy is “Bubbalicious Strawberry Splash”which is a long lasting bubble gum and kids love to blow the large non sticky bubbles. So, jump for the bubbalicious strawberry splash and grab it which is available in a pack of 18 bubble gums.

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