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Drinking simple milk does not taste so good. To make it tastier and more healthier adding some fruity flavours can do wonders. Milkshakes are the best combination of fruits and milk offering health benefits of two drinks in a single drink.

Mars Refuel, a brand of healthy drinks introduces a pack of milk shake having the constituents of calcium in it. Available in 180 ml pack and contains only 139k calories this is a great source of protein, phosphorous, vitamins B12 and B2.

Mars Refuel is a great and delectable way to enjoy the goodness of milk.

Mars Starburst , a popular drink with a Sports Cap style top is available in 350 ml pack. Available in yummy strawberry flavour in plastic bottle. Suitable drink for all age group and contains no alcohol.

Dairy stix milk are filled with tasty whole milk and comes in a great pack. Easy to tear and great item to use any where and at any time. Contains real milk in each pack. Have 250 portions for tea and coffee.
Nestle also brings carnation condensed milk. Add in simple deserts to enhance the taste of recipes and make your simple recipes really yummy and mouth watering.

Other brands offering the milk elements are Nestle, KTC, Happy Shopper, Blue Dragon etc.   

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