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Milk can be considered as a lifeline of every individual, as it has many advantages also. It is good for our health because it contain all the essential nutritions such as calcium, iron, vitamin etc. Milk can be consumed simply, or it is used in making coffee or tea also. And tea and coffee are widely used in our daily life. It is very difficult to carry milk everywhere, so now days, the milk is available in different individual portions.

Millac Maid Long Life provides Individual Portion Pots, it has one cup long milk portion which tastes like fresh milk. This milk is best suited for tea and coffee. These mini pots are simple and convenient to use. These portion are also hygienic and leaves no wastage. It is available in cases of 240*12 ml, which should be kept in cool and dry place.
It is advised that this milk is good to use for 6 months from the date of packaging.

Rioba UHT also provides skimmed milk portion in 25*12 ml pack. These milk portions are perfect for use with coffee and tea in place of milk. There are many more brands which provides provides milk portions, they are Country Dale, Lichfields etc.   

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