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Are harsh chemicals in the washing powders making your hands rough and dry? Now, protect your hands while washing clothes with the use of the best product ranges. Use the quality washing powder which cleans the clothes, maintains the brightness and keep your hands soft.

Vanish Oxi Action Stain Remover have Oxi-action crystals power that removes the stains without affecting the fabric. A jar of Vanish comes in a jar of 500 gram at a relatively best price.

Daz, another brand for the laundry detergent comes in an excellent price. The active ingredients deep cleanse the clothes and maintain the brightness. A jar weighing 4.745 litres perform 65 washes. Comes in a liquid regular or in liquitabs regular which promises to deliver 20 washes.

For colourful clothes, you cannot get a best product than Persil Liquid Colour Care, a laundry product which tackles stains and keep the colours vibrant. A jar comes in a 5 litre pack. Persil is a brand of Henkel.

The other range of Persil is “Persil Professional Small & Mighty Colour Fabric Washing Liquid” which comes in a jar of 4 litres. This non bio range also comes in a tablet form.

Other available ranges for the fine wash are Chef Larder, Lenor, Aerial, Comfort and much more.   

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