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Do your feel nostalgic when you miss your childhood and especially when taste of retro sweets fill your mouth with water? Get back to the childhood memories and bring back the nostalgic moments with the range of retro sweets available in a new pack.

Swizzles Matlow Fun Gums Juicy Lips Tub Retro Kids Sweets are really juicy jelly gums having the fruity flavour in each piece. A tub of the Fun Gums Juicy Lips has 600 sweets. You may even get it in a small pack if you want them in smaller amount. The available fruity flavours you can enjoy are sour apple and cola. You can enjoy the taste of fun gums in the other shapes like ring retro kids sweet.

Millions Strawberry Kids Jar Sweets could be a great addition to the range of sweet jars. The million sweets come in many forms and its delicious juicy strawberry flavour taste makes you say wow. It is suitable for the vegetarians and is soft when you chew.

Haribo Jelly Babies Tub Retro Kids Sweets are the mini jelly babies which is liked by the kids as it comes in various fruity flavours. The sweet and sugary Haribo Jelly Babies Tub Retro Kids comes in a tub with 600 pieces.

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