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Jam & Marmalade

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Whether it is a bread or toast, all seems incomplete unless we spread some layer of jam over it. Get a real experience of yummy jam spreads from a jar of Lichfield extra fruit apricot jam having the extracts of fresh apricots with the additional ingredients in it.

For the kids who hate the healthy food would surely love it by spreading a layer of jam marmalade over it.

For the strawberry lovers, Lichfield has come with the Lichfields Strawberry Jam Individual Portions in plastic jar of 28.4 grams pack. Those who love the Lichfield extra fruit apricot jam would surely love Lichfields Strawberry Jam Individual Portions having the richness of real fruits in it.

All the marmalade ranges are made from the juice and peel of fruits and therefore with each bite you will feel the pulp of the real fruits.

Other available Lichfield jam marmalade ranges are raspberry jam and blackcurrant jam. All the Lichfield marmalade ranges are available in the individual portions of 20 grams pack. A pack contains 20 pack each weighing 20 grams.

Nutella, Marmite and Robertson’s are the other ranges of the jam marmalades you can add to your favourite food to enhance the taste.

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