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Hot Chocolate & Malted

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Nothing makes you feel comfortable and relaxed like a mug of delicious chocolate drink. A blend of sweetness and chocolate exhilarate your morning and also keeps you warm in the winters. Chocolate drinks made with the cocoa are the mouth watering drinks which makes any day a delicious day.

Tassimo Suchard Hot Chocolate makes a perfect hot chocolate drink with a rich taste of milky chocolate in it. With a single pack of Tassimo Suchard hot chocolate syrup you can prepare 16 hot chocolate cups.

Nestle, a leading name in the beverage industry comes with a pack of Nestle Aero Instant Bubbly Hot Chocolate Drink having the richness of chocolate and contains no artificial flavours or colours.

In a sip of Nestle Aero Instant Bubbly Hot Chocolate Drink, you will enjoy extra frothy, bubbly taste of the rich chocolate. Let the bubbles melt on your tongue and enjoy a smooth hot chocolate sensation. These hot chocolate drinks comes in a jar and individual sachets.

Just add cocoa powder, sugar, milk stir them, boil it and your cup of hot chocolate is ready.  It is easy to prepare and you can enjoy the taste of chocolate with each sip.

Some of the other drinking chocolate ranges are: Lichfield, Maltesers Malty and Horlicks.

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