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Honey & Syrup

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Start each day with honey, a cleansing tonic for the body having ample of health benefits. An excellent syrup to start a day in a natural way that produces refreshing surge of energy and freshness in the body.

For the lovers of Marmite, the Marmite Love Portions have come in fresh and sealed boxes each weighing 8 grams. Prepare sandwiches with the Marmite Love Portions for your family and make sure that they are gaining enough energy to sustain throughout a day. The natural sugars prevent you from fatigue. A portion of this honey syrup will be served to two people. It is 100% vegetarian and may even be carried anywhere you want.

Take a teaspoon of Lichfields Clear Honey Pots with Luke warm water or apply it as a spread on the bread. A pack of Lichfield clear honey pots has 34 pots each weighing 28 grams and serves only a single person.

Enjoy the same natural sweetener taste in Meli Honey Sticks available in individual portions. A pack of Meli sticks has 24 individual sachets each weigh 8 grams and is easy to tear. It tastes delicious and can also be carried in the office bag or sports bag.

Other brands of honey individual portions which you can enjoy are Lyles and Robertsons.   
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