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Food Wraps & Bags

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Food foils are the best item to maintain the freshness of eatables. Quality Petit Fours Cases are a perfect choice to keep the favourite bakery recipes. It has cake cases & boards and comes in multiple shapes to keep the bakery items.

Baco professional comes with a new dispensing system which eliminate the frustrations related with cutting the foils from the cutter boxes. Baco professional wrapmaster dispensing system is quite an easy to use, easy to refill, safe, cost-effective and a simple way to dispense the food wraps. It comes in a wrapmaster 4500 and wrapmaster 3000.

Chef Larder brings you cling film in a size of 300mm x 305m which is made from polyvinyl chloride. A suitable product to reheat the defrost in a microwave. An ideal choice to wrap the food and store them in refrigerator. Except fats such as lards, oils and food product; it is suitable for all food items. It is also an ideal choice to keep the food warm during journey and maintain the freshness of the food items for a longer time.

Jena easy grill is one of the most unique items which is introduced by Jena, that can be used in a grill pan or baking tray in the indoor grill.

So, get the best range and enjoy the goodness of food any time.

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