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Feminine Hygiene

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The world of feminine hygiene has evolved and women have more choices to find the right one for their body. Today, the market offers the products with wings protecting from the stains.

Always and Tampax are the leading trusted brands for delivering chemical free hygiene products; they all are made from certified organic 100% cotton.

Always ultra pads normal offers you freedom to fly keeping the leaks at bay. The packets are available in multiple sizes with the store allowing you to choose the one as per your desire.

The thin, reliable and comfortable feature of Always ultra pads long with wings has become a choice of each women and they are also recommending the product to others after they are satisfied by themselves.

Tampax is other brand of feminine hygiene ranges which are safe, discreet and easy to use. Tampax cardboard lites help in stopping the leakage, so that you can be protected for up to maximum of 8 hours and even overnight.

Tampax is popular for offering incredible protection by gently expanding to your unique shape.

So, choose a comfortable feminine hygiene product among the ranges available in the market and take care of your feminine hygiene.

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