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Dilutable drinks like squashes and milkshakes are something one would love to die for. They are the best drinks to fight with the hot summers and feel chilled. They are the perfect addition to any summer meal.     

Crusha, a well known brand of milkshakes introduces Crusha Mixa strawberry flavour milkshake with no added sugar. A 200 ml bottle of Crusha prepares 20 servings. In each 25 ml syrup just need to add 175 ml semi-skimmed milk and it will be ready in minutes. The nutritional composition in each 200 ml of drink include 119 calories. It is not a suitable product for vegetarians. Crusha also comes with other delectable flavours like banana flavour and chocolate flavour.

Summers and Fresher juice is a perfect pairing to feel cool. Fresher juices are available in mango, guava, orange, falsa, peach and strawberry flavour. Fresher lime juice has a great demand due to its citric flavour which energises mind and body. The drink is available in a 5 litre jar and each jar of the juice contains 26 calories in per 100 ml.

Chef larder’s, Robinson, Britvic are the other leading names in the fruit juice industry.   

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