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Dental Care

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Dental care is a part of overall health care and with fabulous collections of dental health care products you can easily get the sparkling teeth. Choose toothpastes needed for healthy gums and fresh breath among ample of oral care product ranges.

Look after your child oral care from the early age with Wisdom step by step soft toothbrush especially designed for 3 to 5 years of kids.
Fight against plaque, gingivitis and bad breath germs with powerful Listerine Antibacterial mouth wash in a cool mint flavour. Also, enjoy fresh breath along with the Colgate advanced white toothpaste available with the store in a pack of 12x100ml.
To remove plaque in between the teeth along the gum line, go for the Wisdom fresh effect medium toothbrush which is designed especially for the same purpose.

Besides this, another product of Wisdom is Wisdom fresh dental floss products which is quite effective for good oral care. Along with offering the toothbrushes and toothpaste ranges, you will also get denture adhesive creams to prevent the gum soreness for more comfortable denture fit.

So, get them all and offer your family a healthy and beautiful smile with the high class oral care ranges.

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