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Contraception is a method to prevent against the unwanted child birth. Birth control methods have been used since the ancient times but safe and effective methods have changed the scenario.
Barrier methods like condoms are a form of contraception which help to protect against sexually transmitted infections and also pregnancy. It is advised that you should always use condoms to protect you and your partner’s health.

Ample of contraceptive methods are available in the market. So, don’t give up if you are using it for the first time and is not suiting you. You should try another one.
To bring the people close together, Durex condoms which is a popular brand of condoms come up in twin variants. Durex Thin Feel is great for sensitivity, easy on shaped and teat ended for comfort and fit.  They are the superfine condoms with sensi fit for greater feeling.

Another range Pleasure Me ensure maximum stimulation for you and your partner. They are specially designed with uniquely positioned ribs and the raised dots offers extra intensity of feeling for both you and your partner. Everyone is a winner with these ultimate condom ranges.
So, explore more of yourself  with whole new range of lubes and vibrators designed to offer you extra pleasure.

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