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Candles & Candle Holders

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Candle is an essential item which is being used in our daily life. It is not just used at the time when there is a power cut, but also to celebrate the occasions like birthday and wedding. It is also illuminated in the churches during the prayers. Varieties of candles are available now like scented candles, tea light candles, floating candles, jar candles etc.
Chef's Larder 6 Ivory Pillar Candles is a popular candle among the varieties available. Illuminate celebrations with more lights and spread happiness by getting a pack of Ivory Pillar Candles in 80 mm x 200 mm size. Available in pack of 3 each contains 6 in each pack.

Maxi brings tea light candles in a pack of 40 which ignite for more 10 hours. The long burning maxi tea light candles available at a great value. For the best use, place it in an appropriate tea light holders.

Chef larders bring Burgandy candles, an assortment of decorative and fragrant wax available for the best prices. They are a perfect choice for a modern look in home and also for the wedding decorations. A pack contains 50 pieces each of 8” in size.

Other ranges of chef larder candles include red and white colour candles all available in a pack of 50.

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