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Are you a cake lover? Of course you would be. There is no one in the world who neglect the delicious taste of creamy bread. It is something which one would love to eat even without any occasion. With the finest array of fresh gourmet baked cakes and tarts product ranges including mouthwatering cakes, pies, chocolate chips, cookies, mini loaf cakes and much more it is hard to control the desire from tasting the yummy ranges.

With the consumption of Lowther’s Eccless cake which is handmade with the real butter and vostizza currants, you can experience the taste of traditional Lancashire recipe.

The cakes and tarts ranges are the perfect treat for friends, family, clients, associates and also the employees to celebrate good moments in life.

Celebrate your day with the selection of chocolate sponge cake layer, Granola flapjacks, large flan case and the assorted muffins from the home of Lichfields .

Lichfields 18 Rocky Road, a most popular brand of biscuits from U.K., is a great product for hotels, offices or for anywhere you go. It is a luxurious biscuit perfect to accompany tea, coffee or any other hot drink.

Granola flapjacks is a perfect combination with the drinks and snacks to spend a great time while enjoying your favourite sports.

With such delicious favourite cakes and tarts ranges give yourself and your friends, a mouth watering treat.   

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