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Brown Sauce

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Are you a meatloaf or steak lover? If yes, then addition of brown sauce to your favourite dishes would make it more delectable.

Lichfield brings the delectable brown sauce to add on the taste of the meat or porks. The richness of the sauce is available in an individual sachet to make it easy for you to pour the right proportion of sauce in your food items.

A perfect sauce to marinate the meats or use in pasta and also to give any meat recipe a different try. A pack of Lichfields Brown Sauce has 200 sachets which are suitable for travelling and camping. Easy to carry and use anywhere and at any time.

When this brown sauce is indulged with the other great ingredients, it brings a good taste to your dish. It also serves as a perfect base for several other sauces and dishes.

To make a brown sauce really delectable, a blend of spices, seasoning and starch are mixed to make a gravy for use with meat dishes.

HP is another popular brown sauce range which enhances the taste of all your meat recipes. By adding a drop of HP brown sauce range you can tailor the specific dishes. A pack of HP sauce original comes in 12 individual sachets.   

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