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Breakfast Cereal

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Nourish your family each morning with healthy breakfast cereals having the richness of minerals and vitamins in it. Start a healthy diet plan with a bowl of cereals and milk added to it.

Lichfield introduces a range of breakfast cereal Lichfields Porridge Oats Original which has the goodness of wheat in it. To enhance the taste and also to keep yourself active, add on the real fruits and vegetables to it. A bowl of Lichfields Porridge Oats Original in the morning helps in reducing the cholesterol and maintaining weight.

Enjoy another delectable range of Lichfield that is Lichfields Porridge Oats Golden Syrup Flavour available in 64 grams pack. Just remove the foil lid, add the boiling water, stir it. No need to add salt and a pack also contains no artificial preservative. It has just gluten, milk, oats and may also contain wheat. The constituents of golden syrup offers an additional taste to the oatmeal.

It is so easy to prepare. Just add boiling water in a pack of Porridge oats, stir it for some time and your delicious breakfast with healthy nutrients is ready.

With two bowls a day, you can reduce your weight and maintain the body structure. So treat yourself special with special oat meal packs from the home of Lichfield. 

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