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Tortillas are made from the mixture of wheat and maize flour, which means that it contains the nutritions of both wheat and maize. These tortillas can be use in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also your children loves to eat the amazing recipes prepared from these tortillas. As it contains important nutritions, it is good for the health also. It can be used as egg and chicken roll, you can also fill vegetable in it and serve. Also by applying and cheese you can make tortilla pizza which your kids love.

Mission Foods is a well known brand which provides 8 Wheat Flour Tortilla Wraps. These tortillas are used as wraps for vegetable, eggs wraps, chicken wraps etc. As it is made of wheat flour, it is good for the health of our kids also. It is ready to use item and after removing from case and let it stand in bag 4 - 6 hours at room temperature.

Mexican Discovery provides Plain Flour Tortillas, these are soft, tasty plain floor tortillas that have been developed for the perfect for everything. They are the perfect base for Mexican meals. You can try this Plain Flour Tortillas for both savoury and sweet dishes.   
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