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Suppose you are planning to open a small bar at your place, then you will surely love to give a complete bar look to that small area. For that you should have all the important accessories of the bar which are required for the use in bar. There are various accessories available to fulfil the requirement of your bar.
Bar is a famous brand which provides various bar materials. Bar provides Thimble Measure Stainless Steel, which is a 7 Piece Bundle Set - 25ml, 35ml, 50ml & 70ml Spirit Measures & 125ml, 175ml & 250ml. These Thimble Measures are EU stamped making them suitable for use in bars, pubs, clubs and any licensed premises.
Bar also provides Brush Glass Washer Plastic Base, which is a positive suction base to firmly attach to your sink. And it has nylon bristles on the glass brushes which do not collapse. It Save time, and you can use them for easy and thorough cleaning of your glassware.
Ash provides Antique Prestige Cigarette Bin, which is used for dumping the cigarette ashes. It is ideal for wall mounting in staff smoking areas, also in allocated smoking zones. It is mainly used for commercial, domestic and hospitality use.

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