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Bags & Bin Liners

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Make a small effort to create a big difference. With the use of plastic re-usable bags, you can switch to a stylish way. The usage of high quality and recycled bin bags can maintain healthy living which leads to happy life.

Pink Candy Striped Sweet Bags are high quality bags which are suitable for food use. They may also be used in gift stores, grocery stores, catering and retail shops and are available in ample of sizes and styles and lovely designs.

Chef's Larder 200 Swing Bin Liners is a preferred choice for most of the home owners in which it is easy and quiet convenient to wrap up the sharp objects before placing it in liner. A bin liner has a capacity of 45 litres and is available in a dimension of 120 mm rim 760 mm depth. Users can have the item in variety of colours, designs and materials.

To keep the food fresh for longer duration, use Caterpack sandwich bags with zip lock facility. It is a re-usable and stylish way to create a litter less lunch. The zip lock valuable pack is available in a set of 500 bags at an affordable price.

Other leading brands are Bag It, Carry It, Poly-lina, Houseproud, Caterpack and much more.

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