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After Dinner Chocolate & Mints

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Despite the feeling of fullness after dinner, cravings for the sweet strikes. And you cannot get any other best option than the chocolates which are a perfect desert to enjoy with family after a meal.

To end your craving for the sweets, the classy box of Elizabeth Shaw Milk Chocolate Mints Crisps is all packed with the milk chocolates having refreshing flavour of mint. The chocolates are wrapped individually in blue foil. They are an ideal sweet to enjoy as an indulgent treat in weddings, functions and events.

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Collection is another range of dark and milk chocolates infused with the mint oil having the ingredients like mint fondant baton and mint crisp.

For those who love the dark chocolate with the flavour of mint, Elizabeth Shaw introduces Elizabeth Shaw Individual Dark Mint Crisp Chocolates deliciously rich chocolate with a mint flavour when consumed the honeycomb crisp melts in mouth. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian can enjoy the mouthwatering taste after a happy meal.

Some of the other delectable ranges of Elizabeth Shaw which you can enjoy are: Elizabeth Shaw Individual Milk Mint Crisp Chocolates, Elizabeth Shaw Ameretto crisp mint chocolate, assorted crisp wrapped chocolate.

Other brands which fulfil your cravings for the sweets are: Lichfield, Ferrero Rocher, Bendicks, Nestle and Rioba.

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